Yacht Insurance Coverage Gaps

Does your Yacht insurance company offer coverage for these gaps? WE DO!

Mechanical Breakdown

Your cruising in open water, as you reach cruising speed, your engines draws in plastic debris interrupting the flow of cooling water and causing your engine to overheat and sustain substantial damage. Are you covered? With our policy – you are!

Salvage Coverage

You are enjoying your cruise. You hear a loud crunching sound and realize you’ve run over a submerged object. Now you are taking on water and your vessel begins to sink. One of the rescue boats in the area reaches you to pump out the water and tow you to the marina. The bill is enormous. Are you covered? With our policy – you are!

Wreck Removal

You check on your yacht following a storm. When you arrive you discover the slip is empty and your vessel has sunk. Are you covered? You know you have to insure your yacht, but did you know you will be financially responsible for the cost of raising your ship from the bottom and removing the wreckage? Are you covered? With our policy – you are!